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The Vampire Bloodline

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With having inherited a vampire bloodline, this meant that Cecilia would crave the taste of human blood, and human blood was a requirement in order to survive. Human blood was vampire food. It sustained her and strengthened her at the same time.

Drinking blood was a regular practice and a regular requirement for Cecilia. She craved the taste of human blood, especially if she could smell the iron in it. Numerous members of Cecilia’s group, including myself, had witnessed Cecilia drink blood on several occasions. The taste and smell were addictive to her. She could never get enough.

If Cecilia refrained from drinking human blood, then she would become weak, and her occult abilities would also then weaken. During occult rituals, it was a common practice for Cecilia to drink human blood. Drinking human blood, ultimately, was a natural part of her life and a natural part of her diet.

Alongside the craving of blood, Cecilia (and those of her DID parts, who were also vampires) could not be in sunlight or near type of light at all. Light would cause an excruciatingly painful burning sensation on their skin, causing them to scream, and the light would also cause them to become blinded. The sensitivity to light was because it represented Jesus Christ, the Light of the world,[1] and those who were born of darkness were not able to stand in the light. So, whenever Cecilia would allow her vampire fangs show, or whenever a vampire DID part would surface, the room would have to be completely dark. They would become incredibly panic stricken if any type of light was brought near them, even if it was the light from a mobile phone being opened.

Allegedly: Cecilia displaying her fangs.
Fact: Fangs from a costume shop.


[1] Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness… (John 8:12)