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Ria Grunewald

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Ria Grunewald is one of the exceptionally few people that I have ever known who is wholeheartedly genuine, sincere, compassionate, and completely selfless. I count it as a privilege and honour to have had her in my life. Ria vibrates love to all those she meets, simply, because her heart is for people. She always wants to help and in whatever way she can. I have immense respect for Ria, as a person, and at the same time, my heart is also utterly shattered at having seen what has become of her life… all simply for wanting to help.

I had known Ria several years before she had met Cecilia Steyn. Ria was a client of mine who was trying to start the ministry Overcomers Through Christ. Her passion and her purpose were for people… for those who were hurt, trapped and in desperate need of hope. Ria’s ambition in life is like mine: to help people… in whatever way and in any way possible. Ria, selflessly, went to any extent… just to help.