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Dries Gets A Promotion?

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Quite a few months into knowing Cecilia, she and Dries wanted to go on a shopping spree with their children. Cecilia wanted to do it on a day where I was supposed to look after her… so I had to tag along just in case something happened to Cecilia.

Initially, Cecilia told me that they needed to buy clothes for her and the children. Cecilia climbed into my car with Louisa. Little Andries and Dries got into their car. Cecilia then instructed me to follow Dries.

Not too far from their flat, Dries stopped outside of Ackermans[1], on Commissioner Street; a cheap clothing outlet. Cecilia jumped out my car with Louisa in her arms and, immediately, instructed me to stay in the car and wait for them while they all went inside. This confused and irritated me because I didn’t want to tag along, and now I had to sit in the car and wait… which defeated the whole purpose of looking after Cecilia as well.

Shortly after, they all came back to the car with several large bags of clothing. With a big smile on Cecilia’s face, and Louisa in her arms, she got in my car and told me to follow Dries, yet again.

Dries proceeded to drive up and down the roads of Krugersdorp… repeatedly. After driving down numerous roads repeatedly, I asked Cecilia, “Where is Dries going? Aren’t we going back to the flat?”

Cecilia gleams at me and responds, “No, he first wants to go look at furniture.”

Confused, I carry on driving in silence.

Eventually Dries stopped outside of Beares[2], on Human Street. Again, Cecilia immediately jumps out the car with Louisa and, again, she tells me to wait in the car while they all go inside. Frustrated, I waited… and waited.

Eventually, they all come outside… looking somewhat odd because Cecilia and Dries were laughing and talking with each other. This was very unusual for them.

Amused at this strange event, I asked Cecilia what was going on once she got back into my car.

Cecilia gleams at me excitedly and says, “Dries just bought furniture for the tv room, for little Andries’ room… and even a Play Station for himself. I’m glad he got himself something… he really does work too hard.”

I was utterly confused at which response I was to have first… I was confused at the fact that Cecilia and Dries were getting along and happy… confused that Cecilia was saying something positive about Dries… and confused about the fact that they had just bought a lot of expensive things too.

I think the look on my face must have said it all because Cecilia looked at me with a smirk and asks, “What?”

“Uhh… uhh… nothing… I was just wondering how Dries was able to pay for everything,” I blurt out.

Cecilia laughs and casually responds, “Oh… he got a promotion at work so he wants to spend it all,” and then points forward, motioning for me to drive to follow Dries back to the flat.

Stunned still, I remained motionless.

Cecilia looks at me again and shouts, “Drive! They’re delivering the stuff now!”


[1] Ackermans is a South African chain of clothing retail stores. http://www.ackermans.co.za
[2] Beares is a leading reatiler of exclusive household furniture and leading brand electrical appliances and audio/visual products. http://www.beares.co.za