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Financial Assets Frozen

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Featherbrooke Estate, Krugersdorp
(Properties ranging in value from R3 million to R13 million[1])

In the early stages of getting to know Cecilia, it was no secret, already, that those who were in the occult, were exceptionally wealthy. They held high statuses and high job profiles in society. The reason that most people achieved these high rankings, was because they were connected. The occult controlled everything. So, if you were in the occult, you then automatically assumed a higher role in society.

This explanation, from Cecilia, did not make complete sense to me. If Cecilia was the bride of satan and the most powerful witch in the world then, surely, she would be living in a wealthier area and in an overly sized house, and everything else that usually comes with this type of financial and high-profile status.

Eventually, I posed this question to Cecilia. I asked out of genuine concern and confusion. I was still getting to know Cecilia… and she was still trying to figure me out… so she was very careful with her words.

“Ohhh…” she sadly sighed, with a very convincing disheartened look on her face… “When I left the occult, my dad froze all my assets and my inheritance to punish me. So now we have to rely on Dries’ salary. If I wanted, I could have all my houses back and all my money back but then I’ll have to go back to the occult, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want any part of that anymore.”

I looked at Cecilia blankly. It sounded somewhat logical. I had just gotten to know her, so I had no idea if she owned property or anything else of the sort. After a few moments of silence, I asked, “What property did you have?” … Just trying to make conversation to break the silence.

Cecilia perked up and with an excited smile said, “I had three houses in Featherbrooke Estate. They were HUGE!” … and then Cecilia’s excitement dulled down and sadly said, “But my dad found out what I was doing, so he froze the assets before I could even get the money.”

“Oh…” I added, feeling confused. Thoughts rushed through my mind. I knew the typical ‘ins and outs’ of buying and selling property, so this did not quite make sense to me. “But if the properties were in your name, then you would still be able to get the money? I mean… it’s in your name… legally, it’s yours?”

Cecilia looked confused for a moment, sighed again and added, “No, it’s all tied to the occult. Everything is connected. If you own something, the occult owns it. Nothing is really yours. This is one way that they use to control you. They control your life…”

Not knowing what to say next, I remained silent. I knew nothing about the occult, nor about Cecilia’s life… nor had I seen what was on any documents for any properties. I could not say anything. This was Cecilia’s life… she knew it better than I did… so how could I question it, if this was the way it was busy playing out in her life? Surely… IF there was a way to have the money, Cecilia would have made a plan