Zion Publications

Founder of Zion Publications in 2003, offering services for Book Publishing, Website Design and Development, Graphic Design, Hosting and Domains, Social Media Marketing and more, to more than 750 clients world-wide and having completed more than 8000 projects. Visit www.zionintl.com for more information.

Film & Media

TV Ads, Film Extras, Music Video Extras, etc. Signed with Blaze Models. For bookings, please contact Blaze Models.

Interviewed by a TV show in 2001, and appeared on numerous TV Shows such as Carte Blanche, Bolhuis and several others.

MC Vapes | Vaping International
& Dragon Fire Vape Liquid

Founder of MC Vapes | Vaping International in 2017, offering everything vape related world-wide… Vaping products, suppliers, competitions, sales, events, reviews, merchandise and more!

MC Vapes was later changed to Dragon Fire Vape Liquid in 2020, selling primarily vaping liquid throughout South Africa.

Founder and co-creator of the Vaping eLiquid Brands White Fire, Breathe Fire, Obsession, Drunken Skunk and Monkey Boss.

Visit www.dragonfirevape.co.za

Author & Poet

Author of The Armor of God & My Cape of InvisibilityVoiceless, Fragmented Shadows of the MindThe Puppet Master, Me & Myselves, Leviathan Walks, Misunderstood, For The Broken and I Fell In Love With A Mask.

Author the Ruby Rose The People’s Choice Magazine. This magazine is dedicated to flooding Ruby Rose with love and support from her fans world-wide.

Assistant author to several South African reporters for books based on The Krugersdorp Killers, which is South Africa’s first “group killing”. More information will be disclosed once the case has been finalized.

Clothing Brands

Director of Cool AF! The Cool Branded Clothing people, ranging in short and long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and more. Visit www.coolaf.co.za.

Founder and designer of the clothing brands White Fire and Breathe Fire, ranging in t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, caps, as well as a vast array of other merchandise.


Back-up singer in a local South African band, involving weekly live stage performances to thousands of people. In 2001, the album I Will Run was released.

Back-up singer in a small Australian Band in 2002, involving daily live stage performances.

Voice Over Artist

Voice Over Artist for audio books, advertisements and various other projects.

Signed with Blaze Models. For bookings, please contact Blaze Models.

Crime Informant (CI)

Crime Informant to the number one official “Group Killing” in all of South African History, which is also ranked as the second “group killing” in all of World History (2016–2019).


BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) / MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) helper to recovering BPD & DID/MPD sufferers.

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