Diagnosed with SRA DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) in 2012. I underwent counselling for numerous years, where I learnt the many facets, trials and errors of living and dealing with DID. I now try help those who battle with the same life that I have lived and still live.


Since childhood, I had grown up with most of my life filled with literally every type of abuse you can name, and still more horrific than you can imagine. I learnt the challenges and struggles to overcome and become who I am and who I am meant to be. Some struggles are still seemingly life long challenges but I still aid a helping hand to those who also face any type of abuse in their lives. The most comforting thing I can say is… You are not alone. I understand you.

Lymes Disease

At the age of 4 years old, my brother and I contracted Lymes Disease, completely foreign to South Africa and unknown to most of our doctors. Within weeks, my brother died at the age of 3 years old; all while I carried the disease dormant in my body until my late 20’s. I battled with a fight for my life for 3 years and underwent every treatment possible. I still ultimately reached Stage 4 (the final stage) of Lymes Disease and displayed almost every symptom of the disease and even to the point where I was 3 points away from no oxygen in my brain. All my organs were on “shut-down” and my blood, in itself, was deadly. Numerous doctors were dumbfounded that I was not comatose as, at the very least, as I was supposed to be dead after the 1st year. While no one could help save my life and there was no hope, I refused to be bedridden and did everything I could to still live life. In my desperate attempt to live, in March 2017, I was completely healed in a mere 2 week time-period. Continuous tests were done, even now 2 years later, as doctors refused to believe the impossible… but I am Lymes Disease free! In the doctors’ eyes, I defied the impossible! Read more in LEVIATHAN WALKS.

My life is full of endless dumbfounding stories…
and I believe that you shouldn’t try to live a life of survival…
rather OVERCOME it!