The Best Friend: Chronicles Of The Krugersdorp Killers




I laid down my life, to save hers. I could have lost my life, all for a lie.
So, now I lay down her lies, to help save the lives of others.

I had disconnected entirely from the full reality of everything: the lies, the betrayal, the fact that the person I once called, “Best Friend,” ultimately, searched for just over an entire decade to find me to kill me… and in the most brutal and sadistic of ways.

The story of the Krugersdorp Killers took the world by storm in 2016, but Cecilia Steyn and everything revolving around her, bombarded my life since 2006. Through devastating and masterful manipulation, my life was horribly impacted… but while still trying to heal, from the trauma caused, I choose to speak up about EVERYTHING revolving around Cecilia Steyn, the Krugersdorp Killers, Electus Per Deus and many others… to expose things that NO ONE knows about… to speak up for truth and justice, to speak up for the victims and to help their families heal, and to warn the public that things are not over yet, in the desperate hope of preserving lives.

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Selected excerpts from the book available online to read in conjunction with the related podcasts…

Chapter 1: The Foundation Of The Lies
  • The Prophecy Of Cecilia Steyn
  • The Bride Of Satan
  • The Gates Of Hell
  • The Werewolf / Wolf Bloodline
  • The Vampire Bloodline
  • The Heroine Mother
  • The Sadistic Father
  • The Wicked Stepmother
  • Sister, Sister
  • The Grandmother
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
  • Cecilia Steyn’s DID
  • The Occult
  • Halloween
  • Human Trafficking
  • Baby Breeding Prisons
  • Don’t Say My Name
  • Cecilia’s Occult Abilities
  • Encounters With The Anti-Christ
  • Cecilia Leaves The Occult
Chapter 2: The “Introduction”
Chapter 3: It Begins…
  • The Lie With The Most Extreme Evidence
  • Cecilia Steyn’s Children
  • Raped By Her Father, Through Her Husband
  • The First R100
  • The First Astralling Event. The Woman Who Was Killed
  • The Werewolf Eats
  • The Night Of The Werewolf Transformation
  • Babysitting A Werewolf Baby
  • The Tangible Astral
  • Ria Baptizes Cecilia. A Baptism Gone Wrong
  • Photos Were Forbidden
  • How Cecilia Steyn ULTIMATELY Convinced Me
Chapter 6: The Fabricated People
  • Andrea
  • Lizette
  • Marinda’s John
  • Cecilia’s “Mother’s” Twin. The Panic
  • Horus And Ra
Chapter 7: The Money
  • Financial Assets Frozen
  • The Royalties From ABSA
  • Draco
  • Dries Gets A Promotion?
Chapter 8: The Daily Routine
  • The Movie Obsession
  • Training “Little” Andries
  • Ria, Drugged
  • The Freemason Temple
  • The Cemetery And The Prison
  • Lousia, The Wolf
  • Questionable Events At The Doctors’ Rooms
  • The Doctor That Was Confused
  • The Guest House For Occult “High Days”
  • The Most Ridiculous Lie Told
Chapter 9: Astralling Events
  • The Boundary Point, A Point Of Knowing
  • The Unexplained Holiday Trip
  • A Horrendous Moment
  • The Little Ones Start Misbehaving
  • Toy Story “Comes To Life”
  • Electronics Unplugged
  • The Kawasaki Ninja Astral Accident
  • My Sister’s Pregnancy
  • Was Cecilia Trying To Kill Me?
Chapter 10: Starting To See The Truth
  • The Quadbikes
  • The House
  • The Kawasaki Ninja. Sold?
  • The Bead Shop. Scare Tactics
  • Witnessing Cecilia’s Foolproof Methods
  • The Occult “High Night” Cecilia Messed Up
  • Cecilia, No Pulse
  • Cecilia Caught Outside Of Her “Occult Boundaries”
  • The First Time Cecilia Threatened Me
Chapter 11: The Escape
  • The Plan That Backfired. My Escape
  • Why Ria Could Not Escape Earlier
  • The Confession For My Search
  • The Effects On Me After Escaping
  • The “Key Coded” Messages
  • The Attempts Got Desperate
Chapter 12: Investigation, Trial And Sentencing
  • When I Found Out About The Murders
  • The Different Murders And Why
  • Soft Kill Murders And The Victim Selection
  • Overkill Murders And The Victim Selection
  • Reginald Bendixen’s Murder
  • The Unmentioned Murders
  • The Dots Connected
  • Catching Cecilia Out
  • Le Roux And Marcel