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After much thought and a long insightful discussion, I have decided to not do further podcasts. EVERYTHING will be released in “The Best Friend | Chronicles of the Krugersdorp Killers” book when it comes out. There is still FAR TOO MUCH to tell, and there are still FAR FAR MORE “shock-factor” scenarios, photos and details to relate. 10% of the story is in the podcasts, but the rest of the story still remains exclusive.

The Splendiferous SPLOG

~ Paperback Square (8.5×8.5in / 216x216mm) Book ~

Meet the Splog. He is different. He doesn’t fit in with everyone else. He gets teased a lot. The Splog started to hate himself and became very sad and lonely. He hates that he is different and decides to hide away in his hole, all alone… Until one day, he discovers just how splendiferous he really is!

A book for children who are victims of bullying; Children who feel left out and alone because they are different to everyone else. This book helps these children overcome their insecurities and realize just truly awesome they are, and even though they are different, they realize just how awesome it is to be different! This book encourages children to not try be like everyone else and to be themselves in their own very unique and different ways!

Leviathan Walks



~ Paperback US Trade Size (6x9in / 152×229 mm) ~


While nightmares are filled with things that go bump in the night, reality cruelly grasps you, as you suffocate from the scaly claws grasping firmly around your neck, squeezing tighter and tighter. Indescribable fear paralyzes you; haunted by the thoughts, wondering if the last thing you will ever see are the deathly evil eyes piercing into the depths of your soul and the echoing eerie sounds, hypnotizing your blood to turn cold.

You are one decision away from a totally different life.
~ Mark Batterson ~

This statement could not have been any more accurate because of the horrible decisions I had made, one after the other, with each one spiraling me into worsened situations. Ultimately, each of my decisions could have ended my life, without me knowing it.

This is my four-year journey of betrayal, trauma, turmoil, life and death, weird and the bizarre, and the impossible made possible… and yet, still merely only a portion of the devastation caused by my connection to the Krugersdorp Killers as well.


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Fragmented Shadows


~ Paperback A5 (5.83×8.21 in / 148×210 mm) Poetry Book ~


You might feel like what you’re going through is impossible to get through… but PLEASE believe me when I say that THINGS DO GET BETTER… you do get STRONGER… and most of all, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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The Best Friend


~ Paperback US Trade Size (6x9in / 152×229 mm) ~


I laid down my life, to save hers. I could have lost my life, all for a lie.
So, now I lay down her lies, to help save the lives of others.

I had disconnected entirely from the full reality of everything: the lies, the betrayal, the fact that the person I once called, “Best Friend,” ultimately, searched for just over an entire decade to find me to kill me… and in the most brutal and sadistic of ways.

The story of the Krugersdorp Killers took the world by storm in 2016, but Cecilia Steyn and everything revolving around her, bombarded my life since the end of 2006. Through devastating and masterful manipulation, my life was horribly impacted… but while still trying to heal, from the trauma caused, I chose to speak up about EVERYTHING revolving around Cecilia Steyn, the Krugersdorp Killers, Electus Per Deus and many others… to expose things that NO ONE knows about… to speak up for truth and justice, to speak up for the victims and to help their families heal, and to warn the public that things are not over yet, in the desperate hope of preserving lives.


Book Contents Topics Preview


The Best Friend Coming Soon!

Written in conjunction with LEVIATHAN WALKS and


Devilsdorp | Official Trailer | Showmax Local True-Crime Documentary

Murder, mayhem, Christianity, and cults collide Devilsdorp: a shocking local true-crime exposé.