“Silence gives consent,” could not be a more accurate phrase when it comes Cecilia Steyn. Throughout countless scenarios, each of us, who were in her group, remained silent because we were still trying to wrap our reality around her bizarre reality. We could not dismiss the foolproof dramatic and extensive evidence. So, when Cecilia claimed to others that we had witnessed something, through our confusion, we remained silent… ultimately, giving our consent to her lies. Without realizing it, we had allowed other people to believe these claims were true.

Through divide and conquer, this is how Cecilia maintained control over her group. Separating individuals from one another… each with their own set of lies told… to each other and about each other. Complete chaos and division from one another… yet, all set out for the same cause: to save Cecilia Steyn.

Only after years had passed and once the silence was broken, and stories were related, did people start realizing the truth. Lies told about others, were not true. Lies told about scenarios, were not true. But truth was found, amongst those lies: the truth was that it was all a lie.

We had all remained silent, divided from one another, and allowed Cecilia to build her empire of destruction… yet, we did not even realize it. We believed that we were fighting for the greater good… a fight of good versus evil, yet evil prevailed because evil was running the show.

Some escaped, only to be murdered because they realized the truth… fear of the truth spreading is why Cecilia had taken their lives. But despite her attempts at covering up her mountain of lies… each additional lie, caused this mountain to slowly crumble. Almost like playing Jenga. Unsteady. The more you try, the more the chances are of it all come tumbling down. Even when people were not talking, Cecilia’s lies started clashing with her other lies because she, simply, could not even keep up with who she had told what lies to. The truth is easy. It is not hard to remember. But when lie upon lie is told… and different lies to different people… you then forget… and, ultimately, you end up exposing yourself. More people started to realize the truth and more fled… yet, they were murdered too. Only less than a handful of people, who know the truth, are alive… but they are in hiding for fear of losing their lives for the truth. But despite Cecilia’s attempts, her empire was starting to crumble like an avalanche… yet, through her arrogance, she still thought she could withstand it.

Marinda Steyn stayed, despite the lies, because she was as sadistic and twisted. Le Roux and Marcel were held captive to following the rules, otherwise they would be killed. Zak Valentine and John Barnard were still blindsided and loyal. Michaela Valentine died because she realized the lie and saw the truth, and she did not want part of it anymore.

11 murders related in court. Too many murders left unmentioned. Countless more murders surfacing as the investigation continues, and potentially even more lives are at risk. Justice needs to prevail… and that can only happen when the silence is broken, and the truth is told.