Not long into starting my blog, I started to feel like I was so opinionated, as a person, which is honestly not the case. I’m used to open minded discussions, with people, tossing back and forth of ideas and opinions, all leading to a greater, or mutual, understanding of things. But now, with blogging, the things I talk about are starting to feel very one sided, simply because I’m the only person talking. This is definitely something I’m not used to, nor like, when talking, especially regarding issues. Also, I do prefer to “talk” than put “pen to paper”, as I find it a lot easier to give, or have, a full rounded discussion about anything. Especially when topics can have numerous “sub topics”… so typing, and staying focused on one topic without pulling up a “mind map”, I do find rather hard to do. I also, admittedly, find it hard trying to keep blog posts “short enough” without having them turn into potential books, as a lot of people don’t have the time or, purely, just don’t like reading THAT much on the internet. I know I am one of those people too. Keep it to a few lines and that’s okay, otherwise I will skim read or stop reading. I would rather have a tangible book to read from than sit scrolling through paragraphs online. But that is personal preference too. The new generation, however, are hooked on technology for hours on end and, often, don’t like or have never even picked up a book.

What I post in my blog, is not, “That’s the way it is. End of discussion,” type of scenario. I am merely talking, and often rambling, about my thoughts, questions and experiences. Some of what I type, might even change down the line, as time passes. I forever aim to learn more, to grow, to understand and to be open to accepting new concepts of things I might still have a narrow view on.