Dear Daughter…
Born of me or not,
Know that I see you as mine.

Dear Daughter…
Even though we have not met,
Know that I am excitedly counting the seconds until then.

Dear Daughter…
Know that you are not a mistake nor a burden,
You are a choice,
A priceless gift,
And a privilege more than words could ever describe.

Dear Daughter…
Your value could never be measured against the stars,
Or compared to the beauty of the cosmos.
You value far outweighs them all.

Dear Daughter…
I see your innocent eyes,
I hear echoes of your laughter,
And your fingers wrapped tightly around mine.
I promise I’ll never let go.
Your memories are treasured,
Even before they have begun.

Dear Daughter…
I am working on myself for you.
I want to be the mother you deserve,
And to be deserving of the day you call me, “Mommy”.

Dear Daughter…
I want you to have everything I did not.
I want you to be unconditionally loved, secure, strong and free.

Dear Daughter…
You never need to meet expectations,
Be who you are destined to be.

Dear Daughter…
I will lay down my life to protect you,
But I know this harsh world will still leave wounds and scars,
But just know that you will never have to face them on your own.
I will always be there.

Dear Daughter…
I cannot wait to hold you in my arms,
I am honored for the day that you will finally be mine.

Dear Daughter…
Your little flame
Has set my heart on fire.
I love you already.

Dear Daughter…
I miss you,
My heart longs to live life with you.

Dear Daughter…
You are mine.
You belong.
You are unconditionally loved.