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Call it satanism… I say, Cecilia Steyn.

Call it a horror movie… I say, Cecilia Steyn.

Call it overly dramatic… I say, Cecilia Steyn.

Call it exaggerated… I say, Cecilia Steyn.

Call it impossible… I say, Cecilia Steyn.

Call it a lie… I say, Cecilia Steyn.

Whatever you would like to call it… I say, Cecilia Steyn.

In initially meeting Cecilia Steyn, towards the end of 2006, her appearance and mannerisms were undeniably gentle… so incredibly innocent. The appearance of a loving mother, caring for the homeless and going out of her way to help others. Yet, Cecilia had endured an abusive past… an extreme one. The stories she told were horrifying… gut wrenching… and heart breaking. Why would someone, who appeared so gentle… so innocent… make such extensive claims over their lives… if they were not true? There were no warning signs whatsoever. Her appearance was completely incapable of being reality.

Cecilia came from a life that none of us had experienced. A life so weird and bizarre. It was completely unknown to us. Yet, this is all she had ever known and lived withher entire life. Her normal… was not our normal.

Trying to understand Cecilia and what went on in her life, was completely impossible for us. It is like going to a doctor. You do not know everything medical-wise, and you can try making sense of things by doing research to then reach your own conclusions… BUT when you go to a doctor… this is their field of study, their field of practice. This is their field of expertise. This is what they are used to. The stories and scenarios from Cecilia’s life were her field of expertise. This is what she was used to. We were not even amateurs in this field.

Bombardment of intensely detailed information… met with bombardment of dramatic non-stop foolproof evidence… all constantly clashing with one another… leaving you with no time to think and reason anything away, until you finally reach the point of feeling utterly confused and completely overwhelmed and exhausted. It was all simply just too much to even try understand.

I have spent seemingly endless hours, for over a decade, trying to figure out exactly what was real… and what was not. To a degree, there is no real reason needed for many of these nonsense claims and portrayals to be true; yet, to another degree, there is reason to be worried at the same time.

Argument upon argument… explanation upon explanation… mind map upon mind map… chaotically moving like a hurricane and spiderweb of confusion, trying to figure everything out. Countless suggestions have been offered as answers, yet, when weighed against countless witnessed scenarios, those suggestions fall very short in explaining certain things away.

Advocates, doctors, paramedics… and even the high end of the job profile spectrum people were fooled. The vast majority of those who had ever met Cecilia Steyn were completely blindsided.

These are my personal encounters of what I had witnessed with Cecilia Steyn, since 2006. I would honestly like to, at the very least, claim that these are exaggerated, overly dramatic, and that they are utterly impossible… yet, detail for detail, these are the stories that Cecilia told, and the real scenarios for what happened.

The question constantly portrayed through the countless scenarios is, “Sanity over reality?” Countless times, I was convinced I was losing my mind… I was becoming delusional. Yet, I was not alone. There were witnesses… those who met Cecilia… and those who were merely outsiders. They can account for the things I talk about. I am not alone in this lost version of sanity over reality. Many of us, are still left questioning numerous things and more specifically, “Who REALLY is Cecilia Steyn?”